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The Leading British Online Independent School with an Islamic Ethos.

The Local Teachers  offers high quality, interactive, live online British education in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else in the world you choose to be!)

We offer the best Primary, Secondary, International GCSE and A Level education delivered by expert teachers.



Children from the age of 5 years can join our primary school, studying the British curriculum from …



We teach the British International GCSEs: the world’s most popular international …



At our Sixth Form, students study AS and A Levels giving them the ability to apply to top universities …

Why The Local School Teacher?

  • Interactive and engaging lessons are conducted LIVE, online, by real, human, friendly teachers (yes there are no boring CDs to watch)!
  • Lessons are recorded so that students can play back and go over anything they didn’t understand. Those unable to attend classes due to being unwell can catch up afterwards.
  • Parents have a greater say over who their children mix with. In traditional schools, you have to worry about the 500 teachers your children will be learning from: the other pupils!
  • 13% of classroom time is spent on disruption and classroom management! Online lessons reduce this dramatically. That means the lessons are more focussed so less time is required overall.
  • Classroom time is classroom time – the teacher can get on with the class as soon as it starts without having to reprimand anyone for  misbehaving etc
  • Students can interact with the teachers and other students via the chat box and microphone
  • Benefits of homeschooling without the stress of parents having to teach!

What is an online school?

Students “attend” school just like any other traditional school but with one major difference: all lessons are conducted online. The students do not need to travel to a regular brick and mortar school. They will simply log into the The Local Teachers website portal at the time of their lessons and begin their learning. The teachers teach live, using a virtual classroom which includes a whiteboard, a live video and audio feed of the teacher and a chat box. During the lesson, learners can easily communicate with the teacher and each other through the chat box and their microphone, when required. Students submit their homework (and see their marked work) via the student portal. Everything is conducted online.

Using voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, presentations and screen sharing, lessons are much more engaging and interactive than at traditional schools. Students can be set tasks to work through specific exercises, share their work or demonstrate to the class. This allows every student the chance to directly and privately communicate with the teacher, so no one is ever left feeling missed out or left behind.

The Local Teachers

Pastoral Care

As well as promoting excellence in academia, motivation and achievement, The Local Teachers places great importance on pastoral care.


While the Islamic Faith is the centre of our ethos at The Local Teachers, we welcome students of all faiths and of none, as well as students from all backgrounds.

Physical Education

Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.


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Primary: Key Stage 1 & 2

Secondary: Key Stage 3

Secondary: International GCSE

Sixth Form: A Level

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