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With the vision to transform the way people connect with their best local teachers, The Local Teachers was founded in 2015. Today, The Local Teachers is a network of teachers from every borough of the 32 London boroughs. We are also registered as a training provider, and with Ofsted as a voluntary childcare provider.

Create a network of top class educators to make a quality education accessible locally everywhere in the world in whatever possible way for people.
  • To make education more Accessible we provide: Home Tuition – London U.K, Online Tuition – Anywhere in the world, In-class courses at our Shepherds Bush centre
  • Our commitment to Quality in Recruitment: Through a rigorous selection process, we interview every teacher that wants to join us after a submission of very detailed application which is judged on experience, commitment to the teaching profession, and academic record, background checks (Enhanced DBS) and reference checks are carried out where necessary.
  • Our commitment to quality in teaching: We aim to be an exemplary service organisation, delivering the highest quality services to our customers. Putting you at the heart of what we do, and you can always expect us to adhere to the following values: Integrity, Fairness, Openness, transparency and clarity– about what we do and how we do it.
  • Integrity is an important and lasting principle that guides our mission to our vision:
  • Continuous improvement– using a variety of methods, including measuring satisfaction, setting challenging targets and monitoring our performance against service level agreements
  • Consultation– to provide a service that meets the needs of our customers
  • Openness, transparency and clarity– about what we do and how we do it
  • Timely services– delivered to mutually agreed timescales. Where this is not possible we will keep customers informed as to why, and when a resolution can be expected
  • Fair and equal treatment – of all customers, staff, partners and suppliers, recognising the value of diversity
  • Listening – to feedback, suggestions and comments, actively sought from our customers, and improving our services where practicable as a result

Depending on what service you need, you can either enrol onto one of our courses here or book your first private tuition session. Alternatively, contact us to discuss further about what you wish for your child/ren.

We will ask for necessary details, such as your address and contact details, availability, and request payment of the enrolment fee.

If the student is preparing for a specific exam, we would need to know the syllabus or the modules they are taking at school so that we may tailor your experience with us to match their studies. It would be beneficial to inform us of any adjustments that would need to be considered, such as learning difficulties.

Based on the information you give us and our findings from the initial assessments, we will create a personalised individual learning program and assign a suitable tutor for you. The timescale of building an individual learning program and assigning a suitable tutor can vary but we endeavour to do so within 5 working days. Once we assign you for a tutor, they will contact you to introduce themselves and arrange the date of the first lesson.

If you enrolled yourself/your child onto a course, we will provide you/your child with an online account to access and download lessons and resources, and complete regular assessments. Otherwise, if you require additional resources, such as workbooks or revision books, we shall consider whhich books would suit your student(s) best after reviewing the results of the initial assessments. These resources would then be made available as soon as time permits (we attempt to ensure these are ready in time for the next lesson). Our default position is that the cost of such resources are covered by the family, but individual cases may be considered.

We operate using a portal where tutors and clients registered with The Local Teachers are assigned various permissions. This allows tutors to log lessons, clients to check invoices and The Local Teachers to oversee all lessons for quality assurance and accountability. Tutors will write reports of the lessons on this portal, which you can read by navigating to the relevant job(s) and selecting the relevant lessons.

We offer several services, but our two main services are:

  • Structured courses
  • Private Tuition

Structured Courses are comprehensive courses based on the National Curriculum. These courses are equally suitable for students who aim to raise their grades, retake a course, or for those who did not take GCSE before but wish to do so in one year. These courses would also suit those who have been home-educated. These courses follow a timeline of lessons and formative assessments throughout the year, building up to the final examinations according to the respective examination boards’ timetables. If you enrol on these courses, you can expect the following;

  • Online student account (Where you can access and download the course contents – frequent updates to all courses, so check back regularly)
  • Tutor who will deliver lessons at your home/a location agreed upon by both tutor and client
  • Online lessons and quizzes, built to reinforce learning outside of contact hours with the tutor
  • Tutor-marked assignments
  • Academic Advisor

Our Private Tuition offers more flexibility and is ideal for students that either struggle with specific topics within a subject or would like to receive additional help with their school coursework. The tutor will tailor the tuition around your specific needs and keep track of your progress. The tutor will prepare lessons based on your needs school needs; if additional resources such as books are needed, the student is expected to buy them from our online store, or contact us to arrange delivery. You will also be assisted by your assigned academic advisor. Book here.


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