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Donna Rager


Our son achieved a SAT score of 142 points. The tutor definitely kept his end of the bargain.


Clara Bennett


My daughter got a B on her Calculus test, and we know it was in large part due to your tutor!


Ahmed Farah


Thank you for helping my daughter in her transition to the grammar school. Your weekly report had been substantial to her success. I would recommend The Local Teachers to every student and parents who want to see real tangible progress in their education.


Samirah Ahmed


I have enjoyed your style of tutoring and made unimaginable progress math’s. What I have really appreciated more was the direction and the structure. I was given a personalized program extracted from my initial assessments. My tuition program taken in to account my weaknesses, the national curriculum and what I was meant to know in my year to achieve my desired grade. I was able to see the progress I was making every week as I hammer down one more topic that was instrumental to my final grade. I graduated with 2 As in and 1 B in my ALevels. Without you I wouldn’t have done it. Thank you.

Mohamed Hassan


We had a private tutor for a year and we never knew what what our son was learning. With your tuition we dont have to worry about that any more we get a weekly report and we are excatly aware of the progress our son is making. His english teacher has already noticed his progress. Thank you so much.

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