Find high quality one-to-one tuition at affordable prices. Our tutors aren’t just subject experts. They are also role models, mentors and coaches. Young, bright and successful, they have a strong understanding of the contemporary curriculum and the academic pressures today’s students face. Excellent communication skills are vital for effective teaching – which is why we interview every tutor as part of our selection process.


How to make payment online

Making payment is simple. Just login to your account, click on the Pay button, complete the payment form with your card details and submit the form to make your payment.
If you have a User Account and are logged in to make the payment, you will have the option to save your credit card details, so that you can simply select your card details for future invoice payments.



Private tuition: Students can cancel their tuition up to 72 hours prior to when the lesson is due to start at no cost. If the tuition is cancelled within less than 72 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to charge the full price of the tuition that was booked.

In cases where a direct debit has been set up, you can cancel at any time with a cancellation request submitted in writing 7 days before the next payment is due. For example, for payments due on the first day of the month, parents must send their cancellation request in writing before the 23rd of the current month. Otherwise, the next month’s payment will also be taken before cancellation and is non-refundable. This payment, while not refundable, may be used for subscriptions to other courses/used for other lessons if it is claimed within 3 months of the date the payment was due.

Clients wishing to pause their termination will find it advantageous to request a “freeze”, rather than a termination, as this will only result in a small fee (relative to the course/package that was purchased). However, the cost of this freeze will be lower than a fresh registration.


Centre tuition: Please contact the Office for more information.



To request refund where appropriate, you must put your request in writing and send us by email to and include all your details i.e. your full name, sort code number and account number. If your is accepted. It will be processed within 21 days of receipt of your refund request (subject to the time scales imposed by the respective banking clearing systems). Refunds shall only be provided in respect of credits purchased less than 3 months prior to the refund request. No refunds shall be permitted in respect of credits purchased more than 3 months prior to the refund request.